Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) Board Information



Paddling on a Surfboard?

Sort of.  SUP’s and surfboards are very similar.  But the SUP is much larger overall.    In general surfboards emphasize maneuverability while SUP’s emphasize stability.


A Board for Everyone

Whether it’s a board for fishing in otherwise inaccessible ponds, an inflatable board to take on camping adventures, or a floating platform for the kids’ swim excursion, an SUP can handle all this and more.  There are even SUP Yoga classes!  Unlike many other outdoor activities anyone can do it with minimal equipment. Get on board – you won’t believe how much fun it is!


Degrees of Stability

As with most things – which SUP is right for you depends on how you intend to use it.  If you want mainly to surf the waves of Lake Superior but still want to paddle around at the cabin – you probably want a somewhat smaller board.  A smaller board allows for more maneuverability in tight locations such as rocky areas, weed beds or high surf. If your goal is to cover as much distance as you can as easily as you can you will likely prefer one with a displacement hull.  The hull allows the SUP to track in a straight line much more efficiently.


So Many Choices

Much like snowboards – SUP’s come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.  Choosing one can be hard.  We can help you decide by actually taking you out for a demo paddle on a few different boards.  Once you’ve paddled a few you will have a much better idea of which one is right for you and your next on-water adventure.


SUP Videos