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Quick Turnaround Time

  Fast turnaround time is always a top priority here – Most of the time we can do minor service jobs while you wait. Typically we can get your equipment back to you within a couple of days at most. If you are from out of town we will do everything within our power to make sure you get your gear back on the same day!

    Please call ahead if you have an urgent need, or if you need something done by a certain date.  A little heads-up can be very helpful!

Custom Repair or Service

  If you need something done that is not listed below, please call us at 218-724-8525.


   Nordic Basic Glide Wax


  • Clean ski glide zones with glide-specific base cleaner.
  • Apply hot or liquid wax that is temperature/snow condition appropriate.
  • Allow wax to cool/dry.  Scrape and/or brush to finish.
  • All Nordic skis can benefit from a good glide wax application.  Even "wax-less" skis!  Glide waxing keeps your skis fun and efficient.


   Nordic Binding Installation

  Direct Mount (screws) - $15   

  Plate Binding (slide-on) - $5

Telemark binding installations - $70 - $100

  • We will install your new bindings and make sure that you know how to use them.
  • If mounting Tele or BC bindings - be sure to bring your boots with you.
  • This service is free of charge when binding is purchased from Skihut.


 Nordic Base Repair

 $$ Determined Upon Inspection

  • Price Determined Upon Inspection
  • P-tex Work
  • Base Welding
  • Epoxy as Needed
  • Stone-Grind may be necessary, and incurs a separate fee as stated below.
  • Are your skis heavily scratched or damaged?  Don't lose hope!  Bring them to us.  They may very well be repairable.


  Nordic Full Base Prep


  • Clean glide zones with glide-specific base cleaner.
  • Hot box skis with a soft base prep wax for 90 minutes.
  • Base hardening with a blue temperature wax.
  • Finish with scrape and brush.
  • For new or freshly stone ground skis.
  • This service is free with top of the line skis like Atomic Redster Carbon 9 series, Fischer SpeedMax, or Salomon S/LAB - when said skis are purchased from Skihut!


 Nordic Stone Grind


Skin Skis - $85

  • We have a basic 3-grind menu:
  • Cold
  • Universal
  • Warm
  • Service includes base prep outlined above.
  • Are your skis not holding wax?  Are they slower than you would like?  Are the bases full of small scratches?  A stone-grind will remedy most of these situations!
  • Stone grinds remove a layer of base material and leave a "structured" base behind.  Just like new!


 Nordic Hot Box:



  • Clean glide zones with glide-specific base cleaner
  • Apply easy-penetrating base prep wax
  • Basic 90 Minute hot box
  • Finish with scrape and brush
  • The hot box keeps the wax in a constant molten state.  This allows the wax to more thoroughly penetrate the ski base micro-structure, leaving behind a layer of wax that will help further wax applications adhere to the base.  Think of it as a "primer" layer.



 Nordic Race Specific Wax:

  Glide wax only - $90

Grip Wax - $50

  • Price includes all necessary glide wax layers including top coats and possible hand-structuring.
  • We will only apply what is applicable for the specific race time as indicated by the weather forecast and known snow conditions.
  • Grip-waxing away from the race venue is a gamble.  We'll do our best.  But it will be an educated guess at best.
  • Have a big race coming up?  Need to win that bet with your ski pal? Let us wax your skis.  No need for you to buy all the fancy waxes. We have them and we'll put them on for you!