Bike Fit

There is no reason for you to be uncomfortable while riding your bike.  Regardless of your experience or how seriously you ride.  If you experience pain while riding there is usually a simple reason why and it can usually be fixed easily.  We have four "Body Geometry" trained fitters and one "Body Geometry Master" fitter here at Ski Hut.  You will be shocked how much it helps! 

Who can benefit from a Bike Fit?

Everyone. Humans come in all shapes and sizes. No two people have the same body. Look at it this way: the bike is adjustable, the body is adaptable. If we don’t adjust the bicycle, we force the body to adapt. Lack of control, discomfort, or pain, can all be caused by the human body adapting to a poorly adjusted bicycle.

Choice: With so many Brands, styles, geometries and, sizes to choose from, selecting a new bike can be a bit challenging. Going through the sizing process first helps to narrow down the best style and models that work best for you based on what fit geometry and size.

Comfort: Once you have chosen a bike we set it up for you and have you test it out in a stationary trainer, so that we can get feedback on how it feels and make any necessary adjustments to make sure your new bike is comfortable and set up properly for you.

Proportions: People come in all sizes and shapes and so should their bikes. We take careful measurements of you to help determine the correct size, style, and geometry bicycle that works best for your body.


Meet The Master

"I believe that as a Master Bikefit Technician, my role is to listen to the customer, and offer them options for improvement. I will never 'force' someone to adjust to some ‘ideal’. Instead, I will explain and show what I think is the best solution, and always leave the final decision up to the rider."

- Tjaard Breeuwer


Bike fitting is the science and art of allowing you, the rider, to be in your natural, healthy position, in order to ride with the most comfort, control and power. In our 3D custom Fit, our Master Bike Fit Technician, Tjaard Breeuwer will use his training and over a decade of experience as a bike fitter, to optimize your bike set-up for your unique needs. That includes your goals and desires as a rider, as well as the unique aspects of your body!


To Schedule an appointment contact Fit Technician by email at [email protected]



Types of Bike Fit
 2D Basic Bike Fit   3D Custom Bike Fit

1 Bike 1 Hour = $40

Our basic bike fit ensures your bike is set up with attention to your body and upper body comfortability, this includes cleat positioning, saddle height and for-and-aft


1 Bike 2-4 Hours = $199

 2 Bike 4-5 Hours = $349

The fee for the 3D Custom Fit covers all fitting services for that fit session. Both the main fit and the follow-up visit. This includes standard fitting work like adjusting and removing stems, handlebars, saddles, pedals and cleats, grips and handlebar tape. Not included is the cost of any parts needed, most common of which are stems and saddles. Also not included is mechanic labor to re-cable or adjust brakes and derailleurs.


How does the 3D Custom Fit work?

This fit is by appointment only.  Tjaard (pronounced "Chart") will contact you to discuss your wishes and and needs before the fit.Most fits take between 2 and 4 hours for the initial visit.  The fit starts with a though interview and history, to make sure Tjaard is aware of your needs and any relevant physical issues.  Then a Physical Assessment.  Looking at your body off the bike, allows Tjaard to properly ‘diagnose’ ‘symptoms’ of poor bike fit on the bike.  After this you will ride your bike on a trainer.  We have front and side view camera’s recording your position and movements.  This allows Tjaard to pause and examine your posture and bio-mechanics. It also allows you to see how your body is positioned on the bike.  Just like video analysis in sports coaching, most people find it very useful to be able to see what is happening with their body on the bike.  Once we have identified any problems that your bike set-up might be creating for your body, Tjaard will propose, and explain, solutions.  You will than try each solution out, to confirm the fit is correct.  Once your bike is adjusted to the new fit, you will ride it for about two weeks.  After some riding time with the new fit, you will return for the (included) follow up.  If necessary changes will be made, and once the fit has been finalized, you will receive a fit report with the relevant measurements, so you can set up your bike again if you need need to take it apart or replace parts.

2D Fit vs 3D Custom Fit

3D Custom Fit starts where our 2D Fit ends. Doing a comprehensive interview and physical evaluation (typically about 45 minutes) allows the 3D Custom Fit to dive deeper into specific issues facing each rider. Having a scheduled time period with a dedicated Master Bike Fit Technician allows the rider and fitter to work together to try various component options and dial in the comprehensive package. As the name implies, during the 3D Fit we look not only at the height and front-back positions off touch points, but also on side to side movements of hips, feet and knees, and adjust shoes, pedals and cleats, swap saddles, and adjust handlebar width. During the #D Custom Fit, we record clips of the rider in frontal and side view, so you can see what is happening. This also allows the Master Fit Technician to get measurements of your body under actual pedaling load, instead of static measurements.


2D Basic Bike Fit Technicians
To Schedule an appointment call 218-724-8525 or contact Fit Technicians by email.
Mick Dodds Chris White Cory Osland
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]




Medical Issues

If you have been diagnosed with an injury or medical condition that is caused by, of exacerbated by, riding your bike, our 3D Custom Bikefit is the way to address this.


Novice Rider

A bike fit is for everyone. You don’t need any skill to be fitted on your bike. Having your first (serious) bike properly fit, will set you up for a lifetime of riding comfort, health and enjoyment.


Casual Rider

'I’m not a racer’ - The 3D Custom Fit is a unique, individual process. For a non-racer or casual rider, we will focus on comfort, control and injury prevention.


New Bike

"Should I get a fit before I buy my new bike or after?” - This depends on many aspects. Contact Tjaard to discuss what bike fit is right for you.


Which bikes can be fit?

Any bicycle can use a good fitting. However, due to the fact that we use a trainer for you to test your ride, fat bikes can not be accommodated at this time. Gravel bikes, touring bikes, road bikes, tri-bikes, mountain bikes, if it has two wheels, you can get it fit!



If you are having a mountain bike fit, suspension set-up will be part of the 3D Custom Fit.


‘Once I have my bike fit, will it be good forever?”

Although bikes stay the same, human bodies don’t. Training, or lack of it, injuries, yoga and many other aspects can cause changes in your body. This might mean that the fit that was perfect for you two years ago, is no longer optimal now. Returning customers get a 10% discount on any more 3D Custom Fittings.


"I am planning on losing weight/getting in shape with this new bike, fit me like a a pro"

The best fit is always the fit that works for your current body. Getting the right fit now, will allow you to train as hard as you like, while preventing injuries. If this leads to a significant change in your body, great! We can always do another fit at some point in the future. Returning customers  get a 10% discount on any more 3D Custom Fittings.


“I have more than one bike, can you tell me how to adjust my other bike?”

Bike fit is a game of millimeters. Unless you have exactly the same crank, pedals, saddle, handle bar and shifters on both bikes, your posture will not be the same if you set them up the same.  If you would like to be fit for two bicycles (perhaps a road and mtb, or tri-bike and gravel bike), the second 3D Custom Fit will be offered at a discounted price of $149. This applies only for two bikes being fit at the same day, or within a week, and for the same rider.


“I have a bike I got somewhere else, can I still get a fit?”

Yes, any bike can be fit.






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