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If you're heading out into the snow for a ski, be sure to bring your easy skins with you.

For the most part, you'll be fine with the Offtrack Crown that Fischer uses in its backcountry skis, but for when the going gets really steep or icy, it's very nice to know that you have the proper tool for the job right in your pocket or backpack. Simply unfurl the skin and clip it through the hole in the front of the ski. It cinches right in and when you adhere the skin to the base of the ski, you'll be unstoppable. Think of it as a low gear for your four-wheel drive vehicle. You won't get the best glide (but you'll get some) but you'll certainly get the best possible climbing performance out of your skis. They're not only useful for climbing, but for descending as well. If you find yourself in a situation where you do not feel comfortable, feel free to attach the skins for some extra control on the down. They'll slow you down to the point where you can execute a few turns and get to the bottom in a safe and controlled manner. When you're done, simply reverse the process. Unclip your skin, roll it back up, and store it for your next adventure. BC skiers will love the ease of use and the effectiveness of this product.

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