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The Chameleon is a blank canvas, ready for whatever your imagination wants.
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Whether 29er or mixed, geared or fixed, multiple major configuration transformations are made easy via the interchangeable dropouts. The low slung top tube and progressive geometry means this bike blends into whatever surroundings you place it. From raucous short-cuts across town to skipping the city altogether. It turns itself to trail exploration with the flip of an Allen key, thanks to the triple-bolt cargo cage mount under the downtube and standard bottle mount within the frame.

Whatever the weather, however long the ride, wherever you're going, the Chameleon is so endlessly customizable and adjustable that the only constraint is really your own mind and motivation. Creative wheel size, gearing, components make it great for freethinkers AND freedom seekers. It's for riders who like to sculpt their ideal bike, and aren’t afraid to experiment.

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