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Women’s Trail Series

Our Women’s Trail Series will cover each of the main ride centers in town over the course of the summer, and seeks to inform on various types of riding to create comfortability with varying terrain and overall comfortability with the bike on and off the saddle.


Lester Park | June 10

These scenic beginner friendly trails flow alongside the Lester River and Amity Creek. Whether it is your first time mountain biking, or you are seeking a new challenge, Lester Park is the place for you. With a long flowy green trail and two beginner friendly blue trails, we chose this as our first stop for the Ski Hut Women’s Trail Series because there is something fun here for every  level of rider.

Hartley Nature Center | June 24

Ready to learn how to ride more technical terrain? Hartley Nature Center offers 10 miles of trails that feature approachable obstacles, a great spot to improve riding over rooty and rocky classic style mountain bike trails. Hartley is the ideal place to learn how to pick a line through uneven surfaces and build your confidence so you can take on technical terrain wherever you ride.

Mission Creek | July 8

Flow is the name of the game at Mission Creek. With 20 miles of trail weaving through valleys and ridges by the St. Louis river, there is no shortage of scenic views and smooth trails. Mission  Creek is a great place to improve your cornering around banked turns and ride over wooden bridges. There is no shortage of flowy fun for every level of rider. 

Piedmont | July 22

Take your riding to the next level! Piedmont offers high level tech in addition to beginner friendly trails. This trail system offers a wide variety of obstacles for every rider, from rolling over rocks to jump lines. The focus of this stop in the trail series is to learn how to ride any size feature in a safe manner. 

Spirit Mountain | August 12

Skip the uphill and take the lift to the top! Experience downhill mountain biking while taking in the beautiful views of Lake Superior. Featuring a variety of green to double black trails, while downhill mountain biking may seem intimidating, there really are options for everyone. If you are interested in trying out an E-Mountain Bike or Full Suspension bike, rent one across the street on Grande Ave at the new Ski Hut Adventure Center!



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