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snowboarding repair service at ski hut

Friendly Advice by Highly Experienced Technician - We offer a comprehensive range of services and repairs for your alpine/downhill skis.  

Hey y’all our new brand-new tuning machine is up and running, and we are officially open for service for the 23-24 season!

Quick Turnaround Time

Fast turnaround time is always our a top priority – Most of the time we can do minor service while you wait and typically we can get your equipment back to you within a couple of days.  Of course, this can change depending on demand and available supplies.  Please call ahead if you have an urgency need or want something by a certain date.  Otherwise, our services is based on first in, first out.

Custom Repair or Service

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Stop in to get a free inspection and estimate.


   Basic Tune


  • Clean snowboard base by brushing it.
  • Sharpen edges to factory base/side bevel.
  • Apply hot wax.
  • Brushed out finished waxed base for better glide.
The Basic tune is appropriate for a board at least once a year regardless of use.
If the base has minor wear and tear.
If the edges are dull and you want more edge hold on icy conditions.


  Standard Tune


  • Clean snowboard base by brushing it.
  • Sharpen edges to factory base/side bevel. Or consult with our service technicians about picking a new edge bevel.
  • Apply hot wax.
  • Brush again to get a better finish.
  • P-Tex base plastic welding, to fill in those small scratches and regain lost speed.
  • Epoxy small delaminated “top sheet” issues or base separations.

There is nothing worse than feeling a rock under your skis. Luckily there is our Deluxe tune, which will include all the aspects of the basic tune plus a little more!

If the board has seen a hard life from rails and such, excessive P-Tex and/or Epoxy work will incur an additional fee that will require a in person estimate with a service technician.




  Binding Mount with Purchase


  • For full package purchase with deck, bindings and boots.



  Binding Mount with Partial Purchase


  • Partial purchase of deck, bindings and/or boots combination



  Boot Fitting | Heat Molding Pricing


  • Boots purchased from Ski Hut get a complementary heat mold.
  • Boots bought from anywhere else will have a $40 charge for heat molding.


  Hot Box Service

  Call For Pricing