Mucky Nutz Fat Face Fender XL: Black

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  • An innovative design, the fender profile folds allowing it to follow the shape of the wheel. It sits close to the rubber and overlaps the tyre width to catch anything thrown up at speed.
  • Stops any muck, gravel, sand and animal snow being flung into your face.
  • Can be used on all fat bike wheel sizes.
  • Flexible design with 4 fastening points... the fender hugs the fork and bridge profile to leave maximum tyre clearance and prevent mud clogging up inside.
  • Protects your fork and from getting caked, reducing the need for cleaning and servicing.
  • Discreet and effective... it will not interrupt your ride.
  • Comes with genuine, high-quality Velcro straps to attach to the fork. It's kind on the paintwork and makes fitting and removal a breeze. You can also choose zip-ties if you prefer.
  • Fitted correctly, there is no movement or rattling.
  • One of the lightest and most versatile fat bike mudguards available of its size, at just 75g.
  • Compatible with most rigid fork designs.*
  • Can be used as a rear guard on some arrangements.
  • Easy to clean as it's flexible and opens flat. Simply wipe it and you're done.
  • Made in the UK from recyclable plastic.
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