Mindbender 90C

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The K2 Mindbender 90 C Skis are a great all mountain option for those skiers looking for a lighter weight ski that is approachable and made for any skill level.

Built with an Aspen veneer wood core and carbon boost strips, the skis get their main source of power from their carbon spectral braid. This braiding of carbon stringers is tighter and closer together in the forebody and underfoot areas of the ski, while relaxing and becoming looser in the tails of the ski. This mimics the style of the ski of the Mindbenders in the Titanal Y-Beam format, but the use of carbon instead of metal makes for a nice savings in terms of weight. They succeed in making the ski more torsionally stiff where it needs to be for a ski like this, and it makes the playful exit of the turn make a lot more sense, especially for intermediate and advanced skiers who predominantly ski on groomers. At 90-millimeters underfoot, you are getting into what we call the sweet spot width for all mountain versatility. The Mindbender 90 C mimics this statement perfectly, and is a fantastic choice for carving, trees, bumps and steeps. Skiers looking for a great mid-level all-mountain freeride ski will love the shape and easy feel of the K2 Mindbender 90 C Skis.


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