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Ski Hut has been the premier Ski and Bike shop of Duluth for over 60 years, we’ve been family owned, operated and on the same street corner since 1955. Whether it was your first bike, Nordic skis, downhill skis, snowboard, or boat, we’ve been here for you.  We’re proud of that. 




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Off the Trainer & Onto the Trails

Cycling is my main sport, I put time and energy into training for bike racing year-round. However, I live in Duluth and we have a long stretch of winter and it’s hard to ride all year round. I am sure that I am not alone in this. I get that there are a lot of reasons...

So You Bought Some Skin Skis…

So, You Bought Some Skin Skis….    Are you one of the tens-of-thousands of new Nordic skiers who bought Skin skis over the course of the pandemic?  Well then, this is for you!   If you already own a quiver of Nordic skis, there is no need to continue reading. ...

Introducing the Salomon Huck Knife

The Huck Knife is Salomon’s premium offering for those in need of a hard-charging, pro-approved snowboard that will take care of all your freestyle riding needs. The Huck Knife is ready for action on jumps, in the park and beyond. The Huck Knife is made with a...

Even in an El Nino Year…There is Still Nordic Skiing

We here at Skihut are well aware that it may be difficult to get in the Nordic ski groove when the natural snow situation is as it is at the moment.  We all want to be out enjoying a beautiful trail covered in sweet, sweet, NATURAL snow.  But, alas, this season has...


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