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Ski Hut has been the premier Ski and Bike shop of Duluth for over 60 years, we’ve been family owned, operated and on the same street corner since 1955. Whether it was your first bike, Nordic skis, downhill skis, snowboard, or boat, we’ve been here for you.  We’re proud of that. 




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Bike Racing In Northern Minnesota

When it comes to bike racing, Minnesota is a great place for some truly unique races. Minnesota is littered with beautiful roads and great trails so it only makes sense that bike racing has become quite popular. Especially where we are located in Northern Minnesota we...

Kicking off our Inaugural RENTAL Bike Season!

This February Skihut opened the Adventure Center on Grand Avenue right across the street from Spirit Mountain. We’re doing something completely new and opening up a rental center/ retail space. In the winter time we’ll have downhill skis, snowboards, and cross country...

A Minnesota Mountain Biker’s Guide to Bentonville

Oftentimes during the Spring in Duluth there’s not a lot to do, we experience 20 degree freezing temperatures and then 40 degrees and raining the next day. If you're a mountain biker all you can do is hope for some sunny days to dry the trails out. So what comes from...

Birkie Recap

Hello Birkie Friends,     Happy Birkie 50 and congrats to everyone who skied this year! This recap is really late, but I am the mother of a busy toddler so I am going with “better late than never”. I am so impressed with all of the work that the Birkie team did on the...

Mourning Winter & Welcoming Spring

Man, what a bummer of a season for us winter sports enthusiasts, eh? Winter ‘23/’24 has seemed to deliver disappointment after disappointment. Uncharacteristically warm days followed by February showers (which, unlike April, don’t even bring with them the promise of...

Off the Trainer & Onto the Trails

Cycling is my main sport, I put time and energy into training for bike racing year-round. However, I live in Duluth and we have a long stretch of winter and it’s hard to ride all year round. I am sure that I am not alone in this. I get that there are a lot of reasons...

So You Bought Some Skin Skis…

So, You Bought Some Skin Skis….    Are you one of the tens-of-thousands of new Nordic skiers who bought Skin skis over the course of the pandemic?  Well then, this is for you!   If you already own a quiver of Nordic skis, there is no need to continue reading. ...

Introducing the Salomon Huck Knife

The Huck Knife is Salomon’s premium offering for those in need of a hard-charging, pro-approved snowboard that will take care of all your freestyle riding needs. The Huck Knife is ready for action on jumps, in the park and beyond. The Huck Knife is made with a...


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